Fat Cow

Fat Cow is a web hosting company with more than 14 years of experience in this field. Fat Cow provider was established in 1998; headquarter of the company is located in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA. Fat Cow Company has two state of the art data warehouses located in Boston area of Massachusetts State. Fat Cow web hosting company has gone green recently and now it uses wind energy for its both data center; thus contributing to the social responsibility. Fat Cow has also office in other countries like United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other European countries.

Fat Cow provides great feature with the service plan precisely designed in accordance with the needs of a prospective customer. It offers multiple features of the services like; it offers unlimited Giga Byte of data space on the servers, unlimited email accounts, unlimited data transfers and bandwidths, and unlimited MySQL database. It offers free domain name, web site builder, ecommerce feature of shopping cart and many more. It also offers secure server SSL, unlimited FTP users and sub users, yellow page listing and search engine submission. It has some other technical features, which are also available to the customers. They include online store building tool, Moo Crew support, and load balanced architecture.

Although the business plans and schemes of Fat Cow are very simple and customer oriented but it uses latest technologies for its operation and management of the customer data. Major technologies uses by Fat Cow are secure and robust operating systems like Linux, UNIX and windows. They are using high end development technologies to provide excellent media and other features to the customers. Among such technologies, PHP, Drupal, Perl, python and MySQL databases are few to name.

Fat Cow web hosting has very well planned and very simple customer schemes and packages, which make is very easy and exciting for a customer to use. Fat Cow web hosting company has very basic and simple plans for customers that are not only very competitive in prices but there are no hidden charges in them. They are operating their simple and effective programs in more than 90 countries round the globe and the customer base has reached more than 15 thousands.

The package prices starts from $3.67. Fat Cow offers 100% money back guarantee on all its offers. It also offers search engine ads credit of 100 dollars and 50 dollars of social networking websites ads credit. Thus you can also enjoy a good deal of promotion options of your website.There is no activation fee on your new account and the same can be activated instantly.

Another key feature of the service of Fat Cow Company is its customer support. Customer support of Fat Cow is one of the best supports in this field of business. It owns highly qualified and well trained technical customer support staff to provide customer focused support to its clients. Customer support is available on “24×7” basis.Fat Cow Company uses high speed and heavy duty server machines, which give the customer great speed of processing and feeling of satisfaction. There is huge bandwidth fiber media backbone to connect and access the services of the company. Fat Cow offers good uptime of the networks and systems; normally it ranges from 99.7% to 99.9%, though, there is a little room for improvement in this portfolio.

You can be a part of green energy promoting company by just pasting different badges on your website, which are provided by Fat Cow subscription. In the nut shell, Fat Cow Company is great, simple, competitive and exciting.

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